6x Loop Extension 6LE

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The 6 x LOOP EXTENSION (6LE) module is the effects loop switcher (looper) for the GSC controllers (e.g. GSC-5) equipped with EXTENSION OUTPUTS (EXT OUT).



The 12V power supply and the controlling signal comes from the EXT OUT connector of the GSC-5 controller. The EXT IN/OUT connector of the 6LE module should be connected with EXT OUT output of the GSC-5 foot controller or of the MPM-1 power supply module or with EXT IN/OUT connector of already connected the 6LE module. For connecting use one of the cables supplied with the module.6x Loop Extension 6LE


6x Loop Extension 6LE


The 6LE module can be connected between guitar and an amp input (“at the front”) or on amp serial effect loop (FX LOOP). In this cases the LOOP 3 GND and LOOP 4 GND switches should be set to ON position. The 6LE enables to connect 2 (or 3) effects “at the front” and 3 (or 2) effects on the amp FX LOOP. In this case the SEND and RETURN connectors of the LOOP 3 (or LOOP4) play correspondingly the role of signal OUTput and INput. The LOOP3 GND CON switch (or LOOP 4 GND CON) should be set then to OFF position to avoid the ground loop occurring.


6x Loop Extension 6LE


The buffer (z-buffer) with input impedance of 1 Mohm (same as in the guitar tube amps) enables to boost the signal power (without the voltage increase). Adding the buffer between the guitar and the effect can improve guitar sound (due to low input impedance many of the effects change the guitar tone) and enable to avoid high tones losses when using long cables between the controller and the amp (caused by cables’ parasitic capacitance appearing when all the effects are switched off).


The MUTE block silents the signal during the silent tunning and mutes the switching clicks. The 6LE features three levels (LOW, MID and HIGH) of clicks muting which can be set in the GSC-5 SETUP > ↓ > CLICK PROTECTION function for each A, B, C section separately.


Device can be installed in a Rack systems using the GLAB 1U RMS FRONT PANEL.


6x Loop Extension 6LE

 Basic features:


  • passive signal path
  • 6 effects loops with TRUE BYPASS based on electro mechanic relays
  • possibility to switch on (by relay) the input buffer with impedance of 1 Mohm (the same as in the tube amps)
  • TUNER output with very high input impedance buffer
  • silent tuning function
  • power supplying and controlling by the GSC controller with a use of a single cable
  • working in the mode of 2 (or 3) effects “at the front” and 3 (or 2) effects on the amp FX loop


Technical parameters:


Dimensions: width 330 mm
depth 72 mm
height 35 mm
Weight: 0,85 kg
Buffer input impedance: 1 Mohm
Maximal signal transmitted by input buffer: +17dBu (+15dBV, 16Vpp)
Output impedance of input buffer: 700 Ohm
Input impedance of tuner buffer: 10 MOhm


6x Loop Extension 6LE User Manual (2.24 MB)

Press Releases:


Testbericht GLAB GSC-5, 6LE, PB-2
Gitarre & Bass 04.2011 (pdf, 5.2 MB)