AUX A/B switch (RMS)

Product code 00826


AUX A/B SWITCH is a classic A/B switch which could be used to connect for e. g. two instruments to one amp. It serves to extend the functionality of the G LAB controllers’ equipped with AUX connectors (e.g. MGC-6 and GSC-2 controllers).
A/B switch posses the true passive signal path and thanks to that it can be used in both signal directions.

Diagram of module connecting



AUX A/B SWITCH can be installed in rack with the use of the GLAB 1U RMS FRONT PANEL (see picture below), fixed by using other methods or stay separately.



AUX A/B SWITCH User Manual (166 kB)
AUX A/B SWITCH Bedienungsanleitung (154 kB)


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Test Report Gitarre & Bass - 03.09 (pdf, 498 KB)