MAC-4.4 Midi Amp Controller for MESA BOOGIE Amps

Product code 00843


Midi Amp Controller enables to switch the channels (4 outputs) and to switch on and off the other functions (4 outputs) by using the amp’s Jack ¼ ‘ EXTERNAL SWITCHING inputs. The control is done by Program Change and/or Control Change commands of the MIDI interface of any programmable MIDI controller (which enables to program desired No. of PROG CHANGE or CTRL CHANGE command for a given preset).



For connecting to the amps it is needed to use the double wire cables with JACK MONO pin. It is recommended to use the G LAB EXTERNAL SWITCHING cables (product code 00852). The number of needed cables depends on the number of amp’s EXTERNAL SWITCHING connectors. Midi Amp Controller can be supplied from the 9V power supply adapter or from the GSC-2 controller - through the MIDI cable (five wire) by using supplied with the MAC the MIDI PHANTOM adapter.



MAC can be installed in a Rack systems using the GLAB 1U RMS FRONT PANEL.