MAC-4.4 Midi Amp Controller for BOGNER ECSTASY 101B Amp

Product code 00855


MIDI AMP CONTROLLER MAC-4.4 enables to control over the BOGNER ECSTASY 101B amp functions ( Select Channel 1-3, Boost 1, Boost 2, Fx loop, Standby). The control is done by Program Change and/or Control Change commands of the MIDI interface of any programmable MIDI controller (which enables to program desired No. of PROG CHANGE or CTRL CHANGE command for a given preset).



The connector of the cable that connects Midi Amp Controller with the amp should be connected to the amp FOOTSWITCH input. The cable is 5 meters long what enables to build the controller in the pedalboard.
Midi Amp Controller can be supplied from the 9V power supply adapter or from the GSC controller - through the MIDI cable (five wire) by using supplied with the MAC the MIDI PHANTOM adapter.


MAC can be installed in a Rack systems using the GLAB 1U RMS FRONT PANEL.