Product code 00831


BWW-1 with four tone parameters switches enables you to match the tone to your needs. RANGE switch allows you to change the range of resonance frequencies. In HI position it is possible to use wah-wah effect without the influence on low-frequency harmonic sound. In turn LOW position enables higher influence on the low frequencies, what gives new possibilities of creating the tone. Q FACTOR switch let you adjust the deepness of the effect, especially the low part of the regulation band. TREBLE switch can boosts the volume of mid/high frequencies, what let you adjust the tone to higher part of resonance frequencies. The VOLUME switch adjust the level of output signal.

BASS WOWEE-WAH features two switching modes: traditional (with the switch located in front of the pedal) and automatic mode (with the sensor of placing the leg on the pedal). Due to that, the switching OFF and ON of the wah-wah is far more faster and more comfortable what gives new creative capabilities. Photo element instead of potentiometer makes the using of wah-wah more easy and enlarges the effect reliability.

Switches' functions

 BATT BATTERY power switch, OFF position – switch off the battery supply (to avoid having to unplug your cable from the Jack IN connector).
 RANGE Resonance frequencies range switch causes moving the whole resonance frequencies range:
LOW position – wah-wah enables higher influence on the low (bass guitar) frequencies.
 TREBLE In HI position it boosts mid/high frequencies what makes the wah-wah effect deeper.
 Q FACTOR Quality factor of the resonance circuit switch,
HIGH position - increases resonance signal level especially of low frequencies what intensifies the wah-wah effect.
 VOLUME Volume of the effect signal,
HIGH position – increases the signal by 3,5dB.


Switching mode switch:
SWITCH position- classic mode by using of the switch located in front of the pedal,
TOUCH position – Pressure activated mode by placing and releasing the foot from the wah-wah pedal.

 Basic characteristics:

 Full analogue circuitry with an increased voltage, which ensures functionality without distortion with switchable volume and tone parameters.

  • Photo element instead of potentiometer, which ensures smaller resistance to motion (thanks to that, the smaller effort allows you to operate the pedal faster) and allows greater reliability.
  • Click less TRUE BYPASS circuit that is based on photo resistors.
  • Power supply "switching off function" that protect accidental
    battery discharging after unplugging your cable Jack IN connector.
  • Backlighted indicators (on the left and right side of the wah-wah) visualising active mode of the wah-wah effect (yellow colour) to make it easy for you to find the wah-wah on a dark stage.
  • Regulation of the resistance to motion force (using the adjustment screw).
  • Casing with stainless steel and powder coated steel iron elements.
  • 9V supply from a battery or regulated adapter (9 V DC, 10 mA consumption).
  • Dimensions: (depth x width x height) 250 x 99 x 85 mm, weight - 1,4 kg.