Boosting Compressor BC-1

Product code 00856


Boosting Compressor BC-1 is a classic full analog compressor with opto component which ensures the highest sound quality. Thanks to its ultra low noise level the BC-1 works very well as a booster or booster-compressor on crunch and overdriven tones. With the BC-1 your guitar will sound better and it makes playing much easier. You will not hear typical ‘pump’ or ‘breath’ effect. Thanks to the possibility of changing the time characteristics it is possible to use the BC-1 also with the bass guitar.

Matching the circuits to the guitar signal characteristics enables to achieve the optimal effective working of the compressor. Thanks to its MODE switch it is possible to use the BC-1 with electric or with the bass guitar. Its GAIN switch enables to match the compression to the guitar signal. The adjustment of compression level and boost is done by two pairs (A and B) of BOOST and COMP regulators which are selected by the footswitch. Two footswitches can work in four modes what enables to adjust the unit to the guitarist individual needs. The current compression level is indicated by DUMP indicator.

Clickless TRUE BYPASS based on optical components has no influence on the guitar tone. Used discrete components ensure full transparency of the tone. An additional function is the guitar signal BUFFER. More you will find here.
In the effects chain it is recommended to use the BC-1 right after the wah-wah effect.

Boosting Compressor enables to discover new overdriven tones. It is highly useful for tube amps with distorted power amp. The BC-1 connected with such type of amplifier gives clean, crunch and overdriven tones with or without compression.

Thanks to combination of compression and distortion BC-1 widen the tone palette of multi-channel amps and distortion type effects. Your guitar will sound totally different with the BC-1.

For your comfort the BC-1 can be controlled via MIDI (e. g. G LAB GSC-3/2). Thanks to that it can be fast and easy controlled while still keeping the clean analog tone.


Basic characteristics:

  • analog compression circuit with opto component,
  • compression circuit matched to the electric and bass guitar in terms of signal and time,
  • two sets (A and B) of signal compression and boost regulators,
  • compression level indicator DUMP,
  • ultra low noise level enabling to work as a booster and/or booster-compressor on crunch and overdrive tones,
  • two footswitches: effect ON/OFF and compressor A/B,
  • work MODE switch: electric and bass guitar,
  • optical TRUE BYPASS and signal buffer mode,
  • four work modes of footswitches,
  • input sensitivity range switch GAIN,
  • MIDI input for connecting foot controllers e.g. G LAB GSC.

Technical parameters

Dimensions: depth 120 mm
width 120 mm
height 60 mm
Weight: 0,56 kg
Input impedance: 1 Mohm
Maximal input signal: 0 dBu (GAIN LOW), - 4 dBu (GAIN HIGH)
Output impedance: 700 Ω
Power supply: 9V DC (8,7 to 9,4V regulated)
Current consumption: 40 mA