2x4 Separated 9V Power Box PB-2

Product code 00889


2x4 SEPARATED 9V POWER BOX PB-2 is the functionality extension module for the GSC-5 controller enabling to supply the guitar effects with separated 9V DC. The PB-2 module is supplied from 12V OUTputs located in the foot controller or from the MPM-1 module. The module features eight outputs divided on four fully separated sections (each section posses two parallelly connected 9V outputs). Total output current of the 9V outputs is 1A and the total current of the single section is 0,35A. Separation of the sections enables to avoid the ground loops and to achieve the 12V, 15V and 18V DC voltages.



The GSC-5 features 12V outputs located in the foot controller and in the MPM-1 module. The 12V IN/OUT connector of the PB-2 module should be connected to the 12V OUT with one of the cables supplied with the module. Two parallelly connected 12V IN/OUT connectors enable to connect the power supply to another PB-2 module. There is possible to connect two or three PB-2 modules to the MPM-1 module under condition of not overloading the MPM-1 current (signalized by blinking of the OVERLOAD indicator on its front panel).



Device can be installed in a Rack systems using the GLAB 1U RMS FRONT PANEL.



Together with the PB-2 module the package conteins:


12V power supply cable 30 cm 1 pc
12V power supply cable 80 cm 1 pc
9V cable 40 cm 2 pcs
9V cable 80 cm 4 pcs
9V cable 120 cm 2 pcs
Velcro fastener 4 pairs
Heat shrink tube 10 pcs
Labels for cables 30 pcs

 Technical parameters


Dimensions: width 108 mm
depth 68 mm
height 40 mm
Weight: 0,32 kg
Power supply: 12V DC (+/-0,6V) 1,1A
Outputs: 8 (2 x 4 sections)
Output voltage: 9V (+/-3%)
Output current: total 1A for all sections, 0,35A for each section


2x4 Separated 9V Power Box PB-2 User Manual (732 kB)


Press Releases:


Testbericht GLAB GSC-5, 6LE, PB-2
Gitarre & Bass 04.2011 (pdf, 5.2 MB)