GSC-4 is a complete device for controlling the whole guitar system. Switching stompboxes, amp and MIDI controlling can be done with one move.
Hi quality display, 9V power section and many useful features let the GSC-4 to manage even the most extended pedalboards.

Product code 02903

Regain your creativity with the brand new Guitar System Controller 3. Create the most amazing and innovative guitar sounds you can imagine using loads of stompboxes, rack-effects and amps. Normally, you would not be able to recall such a complex effect setup, but if you connect everything to the Guitar System Controller 3, you can recall even the most comprehensive and complex presets with just a single step on a footswitch. In other words: Master your gear.
GSC-3 features new metal footswitches and backlighted descriptions. It is also for bass guitar.

Product code GSC-3 00854, GSC-2 00519

Guitar System Controller GSC-2 is the programmable switching device of effects’ loops (looper), the controller which replaces the amp’s footswitch and the MIDI foot controller in one.

Product code GSC-3 00854, GSC-2 00519

The Guitar System Controller is an analog device designed to enable easy selection of a preset from the wide range of offered ones by pressing just a single footswitch.
At the same time the GSC improves the comfort of use and sound quality.

Product code 00519

MIDI 4 X LOOP allows to add four additional effects' loops to the guitar system. MIDI 4 x LOOP (M4L) is a loops' switcher controlled by MIDI interface (by Program Change or Control Change commands) or manually, by using the buttons.

Product code 00850

MIDI 2 X LOOP allows to add two additional effects’ loops to the guitar system. M2L is a loops’ switcher controlled by MIDI interface (by Program Change or Control Change commands) or manually, by using the buttons on the top of the device.

Product code 00833

LINE MIDI SWITCHER LMS-1 is a bidirectional, passive audio signal switcher with one input/output and four outputs/inputs. The LMS-1 can be used as amps switcher in “one of four” mode (guitar connected to the input of selected amp) without occurring of the ground loops and with no speakers’ hum. The LMS-1 can be also used as guitars (or other instruments) switcher in ‘four guitars and one amp’ mode. The LMS-1 is controlled via MIDI interface and buttons on the top of the device.

Product code 00879

Amp Loop Adapter ALA-1 is a complete solution for the most annoying problems related with amp effect loop (hum, hi tone loss, ground loops caused by SEND and RETURN signal cables). ALA-1 makes amp effect loops better and improves the sound quality of connected effects. ALA-1 lets you sound better and helps avoid the "cable spaghetti" on the stage.

Product code 00872
Product code 00859

MIDI 3 x SPLITTER M3S is a classic MIDI THRU device which copy the MIDI signal. It allows to connect to one MIDI device up to three MIDI devices. Copying doesn’t change anything in MIDI commands (like MIDI THRU). M3S can work with any MIDI device that fulfill MIDI standard requirements.

Product code 00870

MIDI 4 x EXTENSION BOX M4EB is an extension module of MIDI 3 x SPLITTER M3S (product code 00870) with four additional MIDI OUTs. MIDI signal and power supply comes from M3S.

Product code 00871