Product code 00879

LINE MIDI SWITCHER LMS-1 is a bidirectional, passive audio signal switcher with one input/output and four outputs/inputs. The LMS-1 can be used as amps switcher in “one of four” mode (guitar connected to the input of selected amp) without occurring of the ground loops and with no speakers’ hum. The LMS-1 can be also used as guitars (or other instruments) switcher in ‘four guitars and one amp’ mode. The LMS-1 is controlled via MIDI interface and buttons on the top of the device.

Work in ‘one IN input – four A, B, C, D outputs’ mode.



The scheme above shows how the LMS-1 switches four amps in ‘one of four (or less) active’ mode. Although all amps have the signal ground connected with the grounding the LMS-1 switcher doesn’t cause the ground loop and the hum from speakers. It also assures fast and clickless switching and muting the amps which are inactive.

Work in ‘four A,B,C,D inputs – one OUT output’ mode.



In this mode the LMS-1 can be used as guitars (or other instruments) switcher with following the rule ‘only one of four in use’.

Applying the two LMS-1 switchers enables to switch up to four preamps which have connection between the signal ground and grounding and feature no risk of occurring the ground loops.



The LMS-1 features GND ground switches which enable to deliver the grounding to the preamps which have no connection between the signal ground and the grounding. It assures clickless switching and no hum occurring in the speakers caused by lack of grounding. You will find more information about building the guitar systems with more preamps in the ‘Tips’ tab.

Basic features:
  • working modes:
    1) one IN input – four A,B,C,D outputs,
    2) four A,B,C,D inputs – one OUT output,
  • signalization of the power supply and connections state,
  • four buttons for manual control,
  • fully passive signal path (without active components and separating transformers) assuring no influence of the switcher on the guitar sound,
  • switching based on the electro mechanic relays with silent switching system,
  • ground connections optimization switchers,
  • MIDI THRU connector,
  • 9V DC power supply,
  • durable, powder-coated casing.

Technical parameters

Dimensions: width 205 mm
depth 70 mm
height 38 mm
Weight: 0,45 kg
Maximal input signal: 30 dBu
Power supply: 9V DC (8,6 up to 9,5V regulated)
Current consumption: 100 mA



LINE MIDI SWITCHER LMS-1 User Manual (547 kB)
CE Declaration of Conformity (173 kB)

Press Releases:

  Testbericht GLAB ALA-1, LMS-1
  Gitarre & Bass 12.2010 (pdf, 679 KB)