Signal Adapter SA-1

Product code 00859

 Signal Adapter SA-1 enables to adjust the signal level in the amp effects loop to the signal level required by effects.
SA-1 let you avoid distortions caused by too high signal level or reduce hums caused by too low signal level.


Signal Adapter SA-1


Signal adjustment is done by two separated modules: ATTENUATION and BOOST.

When the signal which goes to the effect is to high SA-1 attenuates it and boosts the return signal.



When the signal which goes to the effect is to low SA-1 boosts it and attenuates the return signal.



On the front panel of SA-1 there are attenuation and boost regulators for matching the signal of both sections.
Adapter can be installed in the rack 19” using the GLAB 1U RMS FRONT PANEL.


 Basic characteristics:

  • fully passive ATTENUATION module working in the range up to -16 dB ( /6 ),
  • BOOST module based on class A power amp working in the range from 0 to 14 dB ( x5),
  • high level of the BOOST module transmitted signal - 19 dBu (19Vpp),
  • PEAK indicator of crossing the BOOST module maximal signal level (>18 dBu),
  • durable, powder-coated casing,
  • possibility to install in the rack,
  • 9V DC power supply.

Technical parameters:

Dimensions: width 110 mm,
depth 65 mm,
high 40 mm
Weight: 0,27 kg
Input impedance of the ATTENUATION module: 60 kΩ
Maximal signal level for ATTENUATION module: 20 dBu (44Vpp)
Input impedance of the BOOST module: >40 kΩ
Output impedance of the BOOST module: 200 Ω
Maximal output signal level for BOOST module with load: 19 dBu (19 Vpp) @ 50 kΩ
18 dBu (17Vpp) @ 10 kΩ
Power supply: 9V DC 20 mA (8,7 to 9,4V regulated)