NEW! » Guitar System Controller GSC-4

GSC-4 is a complete device for controlling the whole guitar system. Switching stompboxes, amp and MIDI controlling can be done with one move.
Hi quality display, 9V power section and many useful features let the GSC-4 to manage even the most extended pedalboards.

» Guitar System Controller-5 GSC-5

The GSC-5 (Guitar System Controller-5) is a guitarist’s gear controller with innovative design and functionality. It assures unprecedented comfort of using. The GSC-5 is the first foot controller in the world featuring besides the main display and five alphanumeric displays of the footswitches functions . It frees from the necessity of remembering ‘where everything is programmed’ and it makes programming faster. The possibility of connecting (on the floor or in the rack) the effect loops and power modules, the external keyboard for programming and colorful state indicators… All of them make the GSC-5 unique. The functionality of the controller together with the other G LAB devices enables to build the system based on analog stompboxes, amps with footswitch control, preamps, effects, processors and other MIDI controlled devices. Compact dimensions and low weight enable to use the controller even with smaller guitar systems.

» Line Midi Switcher LMS-1

Line Midi Switcher LMS-1 is a bidirectional, passive audio signal switcher with one input/output and four outputs/inputs. The LMS-1 can be used as amps switcher in “one of four” mode (guitar connected to the input of selected amp) without occurring of the ground loops and with no speakers’ hum. The LMS-1 can be also used as guitars (or other instruments) switcher in ‘four guitars and one amp’ mode. The LMS-1 is controlled via MIDI interface and buttons on the top of the device.

G LAB has undertook technical consultations with amps manufacturers in order to define the way of connecting the G LAB controllers to their amps.

» Tidy Chorus TCH-1

Tidy Chorus TCH-1 is a classic chorus effect with wide range of tone settings. Two sets of regulators (RATE and DEPTH) and switches (FAT and MIX) enable to set two chorus sounds switched by A/B footswitch. TCH-1 features clickless (based on optical elements) True Bypass and can be controlled via MIDI. TCH-1 can be used also with a bass guitars.

» Boosting Compressor BC-1

Boosting Compressor BC-1 is a classic full analog compressor with opto component which ensures the highest sound quality. Thanks to its ultra low noise level the BC-1 works very well as a booster or booster-compressor on crunch and overdriven tones. With the BC-1 your guitar will sound better and you will feel like playing much easier. You will not hear typical ‘pump’ or ‘breath’ effect. Thanks to the possibility of changing the time characteristics it is possible to use the BC-1 also with the bass guitar.

» Amp Loop Adapter ALA-1

Amp Loop Adapter ALA-1 is a complete solution for the most annoying problems related with amp effect loop (hum, hi tone loss, ground loops caused by SEND and RETURN signal cables). ALA-1 makes amp effect loops better and improves the sound quality of connected effects. ALA-1 lets you sound better and helps avoid the "cable spaghetti" on the stage.

» Smooth Delay SD-1

Smooth Delay SD-1 is a classic delay with applied MAX ANALOG technology. Analog voice circuit (adjustable attenuation of the high and low frequencies) and SMOOTH function enable SD-1 emulate the effect of classic analog and tape echoes. Backlighted foot knobs and TAP TEMPO function enable easy control on the stage. SD-1 can be also controlled via MIDI.

» Guitar System Controller GSC-3

Regain your creativity with the brand new Guitar System Controller 3. Create the most amazing and innovative guitar sounds you can imagine using loads of stompboxes, rack-effects and amps. Normally, you would not be able to recall such a complex effect setup, but if you connect everything to the Guitar System Controller 3, you can recall even the most comprehensive and complex presets with just a single step on a footswitch. In other words: Master your gear.
GSC-3 features new metal footswitches and backlighted descriptions. It is also for bass guitar.

» 8 Separated 9V Power Box PB-1

PB-1 is the power supply for guitar effects with regulated 9V direct current (DC). It has eight full galvanically separated outputs which enable to built professional guitar systems without ground loops and crosstalks. SMPS (Switching-Mode Power Supply) technology is applied in the PB-1. The Power Supply does not generate the hum even if it is placed close to the other effects (especially Wah Wahs having inductors).

» Dual Reverb DR-3

Dual Reverb DR-3 is an analog-digital stompbox which adds some deepness and space to your guitar tone. DR-3 makes you feel like playing in the real room with many reverberations. You can switch between two sets (A and B) of the reverb time and intensity. The MAX ANALOG technology and the optical true bypass assure the best sound quality and smooth ON/OFF switching (sustaining previously played tones).
DR-3 features new metal footswitches and backlighted descriptions.


MIDI 4 X LOOP allows to add four additional effects' loops to the guitar system. MIDI 4 x LOOP (M4L) is a loops' switcher controlled by MIDI interface (by Program Change or Control Change commands) or manually, by using the buttons


MIDI WOWEE-WAH MWW-1 is a WOWEE-WAH WW-1 version with MIDI interface.
It combines fully analog signal path with fast and comfort MIDI control.


WOWEE-WAH is a classic wah-wah effect enabling the setting of the tones and with new comfortable switching mode. Four switches of the tone parameters will let you match the tone to your needs. WOWEE sounds excellent with clean, crunch and with high overdrive tones as well.


BASS WOWEE-WAH (BWW-1) is a full analogue wah-wah effect with the tone characteristic well-matched to the bass guitar. BWW-1 enables you to set the tone using switches and features a new, fast and comfortable switching mode.

» Midi Guitar Controller MGC-6 » Midi Guitar Controller MGC-6

Guitar Controller MGC-6 is a fast and comfortable TRUE BYPASS guitar effects’ looper, the amp’s switcher and the MIDI devices’ and additional modules controller. MGC-6 is designed for rack 19’ systems and can be controlled by any MIDI controller. Thanks to its passive signal path the MGC-6 doesn’t influence the guitar tone.

» True Bypass Wah-Pad TBWP

True Bypass Wah-Pad (TBWP) is a full analog device that makes the use of wah-wah type effects more comfortable. Using a traditional wah-wah effect requires switching it ON and OFF, which forces the player to perform an additional operation during which playing is not possible.
The wah-pad eliminates this operation.