Terms of use


These Terms of Use govern sales made through the online store at glab.com.pl (hereinafter
referred to as the “Online Store”).
II. The Online Store is operated by Unitra spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, a limited
liability company with its registered office in Warsaw (address: ul. Przejazdowa 2b, 02-496
Warszawa), listed in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the
District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court
Register under KRS no. 0000864214, NIP (taxpayer ID) 7011000214, REGON (company ID)
387284233, with a share capital of PLN 10,000.00 (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”).
Contact details:
● Office address: ul. Przejazdowa 2B, 02-496 Warszawa, Poland
● E-mail address: hello@unitra.com
III. Definitions
1. “Order Lead Time” means the time measured from the moment when the funds are credited
to the Operator’s account until the moment when the Product is delivered to the location
specified by the Customer, including the time required for the Operator to prepare the
Product for shipping and issue it to the Delivery Company.
2. “Business Days” mean weekdays from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
3. “Delivery” means the delivery of a Product by the Operator to a Customer.
4. “Delivery Company” means the courier company used by the Operator.
5. “Contact Form” means the service provided by the Operator in the Online Store that allows
a User to send messages to the Operator.
6. “Customer” means a User who has entered into a Contract.
7. “Consumer” means an individual who enters into a legal transaction with an entrepreneur
where such transaction is not directly related to the individual’s business or professional
8. “Newsletter” means the service provided by the Operator that consists in sending
information in the form of e-mail messages to an e-mail address provided by a User.
9. “Privacy Policy” means the document that contains information pertaining to the processing
of personal data, including the cookie policy.
10. “Product” means any product offered by the Operator for sale in the Online Store, including
a Personalized Product.
11. “Personalized Product” means a non-off-the-shelf Product that is manufactured to a
Consumer’s specifications or tailored to meet a Consumer’s individual needs.
12. “Terms of Use” mean this document.
13. “Content” means any information or content published by a User in the Online Store,
regardless of type and form.
14. “Contract” means a distance contract concluded between a Customer and the Operator.
15. “User” means any person who uses the Online Store.


I. The User represents that he/she has read and accepted the provisions of these Terms of Use
and the Privacy Policy.
II. As a prerequisite for using the Online Store, the User must fulfill all of the following
1. have, as a minimum, (1) the hardware and software required to browse websites, (2) Internet
access, (3) a correctly installed and updated web browser, (4) a correctly configured e-mail
account, and (5) a bank account or debit/credit card;
2. accept the provisions of these Terms of Use (including appendixes) and the Privacy Policy;
3. correctly fill out the electronic form available in the Online Store by providing true and up-
to-date information: (1) first and last name or business name as listed in the Central Business
Registration and Information System (CEIDG) or the National Court Register (KRS), (2)
country, (3) home or business address, (4) phone number and e-mail address, and (5) NIP
(taxpayer ID) number.
III. The Operator will not be responsible for the cost of the User’s compliance with the requirements
specified in subsection II above, including without limitation the cost of connecting the User’s
devices to the Internet. Furthermore, the Operator will not be responsible for any disruptions
(including interruptions) in the operation of the Online Store that result from an event of force
majeure, prohibited conduct by third parties or incompatibility of the Online Store with the
User’s devices or infrastructure.
IV. The Operator reserves the right to share the Customer’s data with other parties as necessary for
the performance of the Contract.
V. Users may not share unlawful Content or use the Online Store in contravention of the law or
good practices or in a manner that violates the personal rights and interests of the Operator and
third parties.
VI. Users will apply appropriate and necessary technical measures to minimize the risk of
unauthorized acquisition or modification of personal data.

I. All Product prices listed in the Online Store are inclusive of VAT. The prices are subject to change,
with the provision that any such changes will not affect orders already placed. Product prices do
not include the cost of delivery. The Operator accepts payments for Products via the following
payment services: Przelewy24 and Stripe.
II. To place an order, the User must: (1) add the desired Product(s) to the cart; (2) proceed to the
cart and then to the checkout; (3) provide the required information and select the delivery and
payment method; and (4) select the required checkboxes and click “Purchase and pay”. By
clicking “Purchase and pay”, the User places a binding order and agrees to pay the amount due.
III. The User may take advantage of the available Product personalization options by selecting the
type of material from which the Product’s enclosure is to be made (Personalized Product).
IV. An order will only be fulfilled by the Operator once the Customer has made the respective
V. Serial numbers will be assigned to Products in the sequence in which orders are placed and paid
VI. The information provided in the Online Store does not constitute an offer as defined by the
Polish Civil Code, and the Operator may refuse to enter into a Contract for valid reasons.
VII. In exceptional cases, such as when a large number of Products are purchased simultaneously or
a large number of orders are placed at the same time, a Product may become unavailable. In
any such case, the Operator will inform the Customer without delay that the order cannot be
VIII. The Order Lead Time is four (4) Business Days for deliveries within Poland. Deliveries may also
be made to France, Germany and the United Kingdom, in which case the Order Lead Time
depends on the courier company and may be up to 14 Business Days.

I. The Operator provides the following electronic services to Users:
1. Contact Form; and
2. Newsletter;
hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Services”.
II. The Services are provided 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
III. The Contact Form service can be used to send messages to the Operator. The User may cancel
this service at any time, without giving reasons and at no charge, by refraining from sending
inquiries to the Operator.
IV. The Newsletter service can be accessed by signing up for the Newsletter publication. As part
of the service, messages are sent to an e-mail address specified by the User. The User may
cancel this service at any time, without giving reasons and at no charge, by clicking the
cancellation link provided in the Newsletter.
V. The Operator makes no warranties and accepts no responsibility with regard to any
unavailability of the Services or any interruptions or disruptions in access to the Services,
including interruptions that result from any required repair, replacement, upgrade,
modification or maintenance of the Operator’s or User’s infrastructure or from reasons
beyond the Operator’s control.
VI. The Operator will not be responsible for the manner in which Users use the Services or for any
damage caused by Users’ actions or omissions, in particular where such actions or omissions
violate the provisions of these Terms of Use or applicable laws and regulations or involve the
provision of false or incomplete information.
VII. Unauthorized distribution of Content as part of a User’s use of the Services is prohibited.

I. Complaints can be submitted by e-mail to hello@unitra.com or in writing to the Operator’s
registered office address.
II. The Operator recommends that each complaint should contain the following information: first
and last name, company name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, taxpayer
identification number (NIP) and company registration number (KRS), as well as information on
the scope of and reason for the complaint, and in particular the nature and date of occurrence
of any issues. However, the above is a recommendation only, and the absence of any of the
above information will not affect the validity of a complaint.
III. If all the information required to process a complaint is not provided, the Operator will ask the
User to supply the missing information, and the User will be required to provide such
IV. The Operator will consider all complaints without undue delay, and in no event later than
14 days from the date of submission. If a complaint cannot be processed within the above
period, the Operator will, within 14 days of receiving such complaint, inform the User of the
reasons for the delay and the expected date by which the complaint is to be processed.
V. Consumers may request repair or replacement of a Product that does not conform to the
VI. The Operator may make a replacement when a Consumer requests a repair or make a repair
when a Consumer requests a replacement if the Product cannot be brought into conformity
with the Contract in the manner requested by the Consumer or if doing so would require
excessive cost on the part of the Operator. If repair or replacement is not possible or would
require excessive cost on the part of the Operator, the Operator may refuse to bring the
Product into conformity with the Contract.
VII. In the cases provided for in Article 43e of the Consumer Rights Act of May 30, 2014. a
Consumer may submit a price reduction request.
VIII. The Operator will be responsible for the cost of collecting, repairing or replacing the Product
(including without limitation postage and shipping).
IX. If the purchase price has to be refunded by the Operator as a result of the Consumer’s
withdrawal from the Contract, the Operator will make the refund without any delay, and in no
event later than within 14 days of receipt of the returned Product or the Consumer’s price
reduction request. The refund will be made using the payment method originally used by the
Consumer to pay for the Product.

I. Consumers may choose to take advantage of out-of-court complaint and claim resolution
options. Detailed information on out-of-court complaint and claim resolution procedures
available to Users who qualify as Consumers can be found at https://polubowne.uokik.gov.pl/.
II. Consumers may also use the online consumer-to-business (C2B) dispute resolution platform
available at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home2.show.

I. A Consumer who has entered into a distance contract or an electronic service agreement may,
within 14 days of receipt of the Product, withdraw from such contract or agreement without
giving reasons and at no charge by using the withdrawal form provided as Appendix 1 to these
Terms of Use.
II. The above also applies to individuals who have entered into a contract or agreement directly
in connection with their business activity if the provisions of such contract or agreement make
it clear that the purchase does not have a professional nature, in particular resulting from the
individual’s business activity.
III. In the event of withdrawal, the Operator will refund the cost of the delivery of the Product up
to the amount corresponding to the least expensive shipping option available in the Online
IV. The Consumer or the entity referred to in subsection II will be responsible for the direct cost
of returning the Product to the Operator.
V. The right of withdrawal referred to above does not apply if the User has purchased a
Personalized Product, that is, a non-off-the-shelf Product that is manufactured to a
Consumer’s specifications or tailored to meet a Consumer’s individual needs.
I. For information on personal data protection, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

I. The Operator may unilaterally amend these Terms of Use:
1. due to an event of force majeure;
2. in the event of changes to applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the provision of
electronic services or other applicable laws and regulations;
3. in the event of changes to the offerings available in the Online Store or to the manner in
which Contracts are concluded, provided that such changes are made to make the Terms
of Use consistent with the new offerings;
4. as required to adapt these Terms of Use to government recommendations;
5. in the event of changes to the functionality of the Online Store, introduction of new
electronic services or discontinuation or modification of the existing services, provided
that such changes are made to make the Terms of Use consistent with the above changes;
6. as necessary to correct any ambiguities or errors in the Terms of Use or accommodate
changes to contact details, identification numbers or links; and
7. as required to improve User experience.
II. Any amendment to these Terms of Use will become effective within 14 days of the publication
of the updated version of the Terms of Use in the Online Store. The Operator will notify Users
who have valid and active User accounts of any changes to these Terms of Use by sending the
new Terms of Use to the e-mail address specified by each User. A User may refuse to accept
the amended Terms of Use by notifying the Operator accordingly, which will result in the
termination of the electronic service agreement.
III. The Terms of Use are available free of charge on the website at www.unitra.com.
IV. Any disputes that arise under these Terms of Use will be resolved in accordance with the laws
of Poland.
V. These Terms of Use will become effective on December 4, 2023.