GSC-3/GSC-2 is a foot controlled loop switcher, the controller which replaces the amp footswitch and the MIDI foot controller. By pressing just a single footswitch it enables:

  • to activate selected effects (connected to effects loops),
  • to set the amp channel and other amp functions controlled by its footswitch input,
  • to select program numbers at MIDI devices (e.g. effect processors) and to transmit Control Change type commands

True passive signal path doesn’t contain any active elements (gaining the signal) which could change the guitar tone. All effects and the input buffer are activated by electro-mechanical relays into the signal path (TRUE BYPASSED circuits).

six loops for connecting effects
possibility of switching on the high impedance input buffer (identical with a tube amp characteristics) at any preset tone
output to the guitar tuner with the silent tuning function which receives the signal through very high impedance circuit (no influence on a guitar signal)
six 9V DC outputs supplying effects (in two separated sections, 500mA each)
2 separated outputs (2 relay lines each) for amp switching by its footswitch input
MIDI output for controlling of MIDI devices by Program Change and Control Change commands
100 presets memory for the tone (10 banks, 10 presets each)
possibility of copying of whole bank and single preset
possibility of putting down the function to the footswitches (ON/OFF single effect, switching amp channel or call the preset on the particular MIDI device
tap tempo function (sending the tempo to the MIDI device)
three modes of bank selection and operation mode - only one bank
AUX connector for connecting an extension modules, eg. AUX BANK UP/DOWN FOOTSWITCH WITH MIDI IN
USB joint for connecting to a PC, enabling downloading, editing and saving presets, also firmware upgrades
10 metal footswitches with backlighted descriptions (GSC-3 version)
10 silent, backlighted footswitches of plastic (GSC-2 version)
the input for connecting a wah-wah effect pad (wah-pad) to control the system by placing the foot on the wah-wah effect
external power supply with 4,5 meters long and flexible cable
durable, powder-coated casing