Bass Wowee-Wah BWW-1

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WW-1 is a classic wah-wah effect with possibility to set the tones and with a new comfortable switching of the effect mode. Four switches of the tone parameters will let you match the tone to your needs. WW-1 will sound clean and deep on the clean tones because it doesn’t get distorted even by the signal from the humbucker On the tones getting distorted WW-1 won’t cause “choking” of the tone because of the possibility to reduce the “quality factor of the resonance circuit” (Q FACTOR) and the deepness of the wah-wah effect (DEEP). Bass switch (BASS) will be helpful to let the guitar sound with a wah-wah effect with a full band (without low tones cutting). Volume switch (VOLUME) enables to adjust the level of output signal when the wah-wah is active. WW-1 posses two switching modes: traditional (with the switch located in front under the pedal) and automatic mode (with the sensor detecting the leg on the pedal). Due to this solution, the switching OFF and ON of the wah-wah effect is far more faster and more comfortable what gives a new creative capabilities. Photo element instead of the potentiometer makes the using of wah-wah more easy and enlarges the effect reliability.

Switches functions

  • BASS switch in a position: HIGH – transferring of a low frequencies without attenuation, LOW – bass attenuation distinctive like in a classic wah-wah effect of “vintage” type,
  • DEEP switch is changing the effect intensity, HIGH position – decreases the signal level of the frequencies behind the resonance what intensifies the wah-wah effect, an unavoidable side effect is attenuation of the signal
  • Q FACTOR switch for Quality factor of the resonance circuit, HIGH position – increases resonance signal level (especially of low part of the regulation band)(in high pedal positions) what intensifies the wah-wah effect
  • VOLUME volume of the wah-wah effect signal, HIGH position – increases the signal by 3,5dB
  • ON/OFF MODE Switching mode switch: SWITCH position- by using of the switch located in front of the pedal, TOUCH position – automatic switching on and offe by placing and releasing the foot from pedal
  • Battery switch 9V, (to avoid having to unplug your cable from the Jack IN connector in order to switch off the power from the battery)

Settings examples of the tone switches

SoundBASSDEEPQ FACTDescription


Classic, deep wah-wah effect with bass attenuation
crunchHILOHIHigh intensity of the wah-wah effect on low part of the regulation band, VOL=HI position – enabling the use of wah-wah effect as the signal booster for more overdrive.
HIHILOLow intensity of the wah-wah effect on low part of the regulation band, reducing  “choking” of the overdrive by low frequencies of regulation.
high overdriveHILOLOLow intensity of the wah-wah effect assuring its legibility, VOL=HI position – enabling the use of wah-wah effect as the signal booster.
LOLOHIHigh intensity of the wah-wah effect in the middle and lower part of the regulation band, VOL=HI position – boosts the signal for more overdrive.



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Parametry dźwiękowe
10,000 - 200,000
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