9v power box PB-1


PB-1 is the power supply for guitar effects with regulated 9V direct current (DC). It has eight full galvanically separated outputs which enable to built professional guitar systems without ground loops and crosstalks. SMPS (Switching-Mode Power Supply) technology is applied in the PB-1. The Power Supply does not generate the hum even if it is placed close to the other effects (especially Wah Wahs having inductors).

8 Separated 9V Power Box PB-1

PB-1 enables also to obtain voltages 12V, 15V DC using adapters offered by G LAB and 18V DC using simple to ‘do it yourself’ adapter.
Farther info about adapters is available in » Accessories tab.

8 Separated 9V Power Box PB-1

PB-1 is worldwide voltage compatible (nominal line voltage from 100V to 230V) by connecting the mains cable (attached to the packet) with a connector appropriate for a given country. PB-1 could be fix as well in a pedalboard as in a Rack systems using the GLAB 1U RMS FRONT PANEL.

Thanks to applied in the PB-1 SMPS technology:

  • PB-1 has no typical mains transformer which generates electromagnetic field interferences received by other devices situated near to it (e.g. inductors in the wah-wah effect),
  • DC output voltage is guaranteed in the range from 100V to 240V line voltage,
  • there is high output power in proportion to small size and weight.

It is possible to switch the voltage polarization in outputs no. 4 and 8. The PB-1 package contains labels for cables describing. Showing polarization, energy flow and voltages makes easier to organize the pedalboard and reduce the likehood of effects’ damage caused by faulty connection.


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