The Wah-Pad WP performs the same functionality as the True Bypass Wah-Pad TBWP with only difference that it can be used only with the Guitar System Controllers GSC of the G LAB brand. So the Wah-Pad should be placed beneath the typical wah-wah effect and its plug should be connected into the GSC controller.

A wah-wah effect input and output should be connected to SEND output and RETURN input of the controller loop. The wah-wah effect power switch should be set to active position and later – blocked at this position by the blocking ring which is supplied with equipment.

The GSC controllers enable two operation modes with Wah-Pad: to switch on at any preset a loop to which a wah-wah effect is connected (wah-wah adding mode to any preset) or to switch on another preset in each bank (calling mode of the preset enabling to change settings of the whole system)

silent switching of the TRUE BYPASS system based on photoresistors
LED diode indicating the state of activity of the wah-wah effect after pressing
casing elements made of stainless steel
dimensions (depth x width x height):
260 x 100 x 13.5 mm
0,55 kg