MIDI AMP CONTROLLER MAC-4.4 enables to control over functions of the BOGNER ECSTASY 101B amp (Channel Selection 1-3, Boost 1, Boost 2, Fx loop, Standby).  The control takes place by Program Change and/or Control Change commands of the MIDI interface by using programmable MIDI controller (which enables to program and to send any PROG CHANGE or CTRL CHANGE command for a given tone or preset). The connector of the connecting cable MIDI AMP CONTROLLER MAC-4.4 with the amp should be connected to FOOTSWITCH input of the amp.

The cable is 5 meters long what enables to build the controller in the pedalboard.

MAC-4.4 Controller can be supplied from the 9V power supply unit or from the GSC-2 controller – through the MIDI cable (five wires) by using attached MIDI PHANTOM adapter.

Device can be fastened in a Rack systems by using the 1U RMS front panel of G LAB brand.



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Weight2 kg

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rotatable switch to choose the MIDI channel (1 to 16)
controlling of selected outputs by means of MIDI commands (Program Change and/or Control Change)
MIDI IN input and MIDI THRU output
the switch to choose the power supply mode (from 9V connector or by PHANTOM MIDI IN)
stabilized power supply unit (9V DC, max. power consumption 150 mA)
powder-coated casing made of the sheet steel
dimensions (depth x width x height):
55 x 110 x 45 mm
0,27 kg