Smooth Delay SD-1

Product code: 00874


Smooth Delay SD-1 is a classic delay with applied MAX ANALOG technology. Analog voice circuit (adjustable attenuation of the high and low frequencies) and SMOOTH function enable SD-1 emulate the effect of classic analog and tape echoes. Backlighted foot knobs and TAP TEMPO function enable easy control on the stage. SD-1 can be also controlled via MIDI.

SD-1 is a professional delay type effect with a clickless True Bypass and with possibility to match the effect to the signal level. Input gain signal level regulation avoids distortions and hums, especially at the amp effect loop, where are different signal levels. When the overdriven amp channel is in use connecting SD-1 to amp effect loop brings the best tone. SD-1 can be connected to the serial or parallel effect loop (using KILL DRY function).


SD-1 in the signal chain should be connected right before the reverb.


SD-1 features CTRL OUT output enables to control the DUAL REVERB (G LAB DR-3/2, DR) via MIDI commands or by using ON/OFF switch of the SD-1. In that purpose it is needed to connect CTRL OUT connector with DUAL REVERB FOOT PEDAL input by using JACK-JACK stereo cable (shielded cable is not required). Thanks to that set of this effects constitute the reverberations center which can be controlled by MIDI commands or by foot.


SD-1 features two modes of SWITCHING OFF the effect. In HARD mode the switching off is immediate with muting of repeats. In SOFT mode the repeats of previously played tones will resound to the end.

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